Special Focus

Everything we know about earthquakes

Sitting astride the Pacific and Australian plates, New Zealand is regularly beset by tectonic activity—from quiet tremors to city rattling earthquakes. Geological science can tell us much about how, where and why earthquakes happen, even if scientists are not able to predict when.

Living World

Buried Treasure

Submerged for aeons in the peat bogs of New Zealand’s north, swamp kauri is one of the world’s most valuable and exquisite timbers, and an unparalleled resource for global climate science. But as exports boomed and wetlands were ruined in the rush for the logs, the swamps have become an ideological battleground. What is the future of this ancient taonga?


So shoot me

Native flora and fauna is widely considered ‘good’, while introduced species are ‘bad’. Contesting this notion has made Wellington ecologist Jamie Steer a target.


Living World

The puzzle of pilot whales

They strand on our shores in greater numbers than any other species of whale. Scientists believe they know why, but there is much about these animals that remains an enigma, and the strandings continue to happen.

Special Focus

Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary

The proposed Kermadecs Ocean Sanctuary stretches over 620,000 square kilometres of sea, pocked with small rocky islands and riddled with underwater volcanoes and deep trenches. It supports life not found anywhere else in the world. Yet the sanctuary remains unratified; subject to a fisheries dispute currently before the courts and the rubber stamp of Parliament. What's at stake?


Why wasn’t I told?

This year, for the first time in the 150-year saga of Parihaka, the government is preparing to apologise for one of New Zealand history’s most deplorable acts: the invasion and sacking of a Māori pacifist community and the imprisonment without trial of its leaders, Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kākahi. Yet for many New Zealanders, the word “Parihaka” still draws a blank. On hearing the story for the first time, they ask: why wasn't I told?

Photographer of the Year 2016

Congratulations to the winners of the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year 2016. From 3500 entries, these are the finest visions of our environment and society, and this year's contribution to the ever-expanding record of our place, and our people.

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