Dancing down the decades

With miniature pencil in hand, a girl hoped to fill her dance card before the band first sounded. A card bereft of names did not bode well for one's evening—or prospects for marriage. But by 1957, for the patrons of Wellington Town Hall's rock 'n' roll dance, cards were ancient history and the music and moves were light years removed from the decorum that had prevailed just 80 years earlier. Although every generation seems compelled to devise its own ways of moving to its music, the popularity of dancing never falters.



Sep - Oct 2005

Bounty Isles







Living World

Scrutiny of the Bounties

No leaf or twig greens the harsh surface of the islets that these birds call home. The only abundance here is rock, seabird, ocean and sky. Fur seals once numbered in the tens of thousands, but were almost exterminated by sealers nearly 200 years ago, and have not yet fully recovered. Now DOC extends high protection to these bleak islands and their untamed inhabitants, allowing perhaps one or two landings a decade.


The making of John Britten

September 5, 2005 is the 10th an­niversary of the untimely death of innovative design engineer John Britten, creator of the world-beat­ing Britten V1000 motorcycle and many other visionary items. What is it about John Britten that continues to inspire us today? Why do Kiwis and visitors from around the world continue to flock to and admire the startling pink and blue Britten bike on its pedestal at Te Papa? Felicity Price, author of the 2003 official biography Dare to Dream: The John Britten Story, revisits the legend a decade after his death.

Science & Environment

Out of the frying pan: Into oblivion

In recent decades an estimated 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater- fish species have become threatened, endangered or extinct. Extinction rates in fresh water seem higher than in terrestrial and marine environments. But New Zealand’s only extinct freshwater fish—the grayling or upokororo— was probably long gone before the current mass obliteration of species.


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