Nov - Dec 2010

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Peter Quinn

Canterbury Quake

Far North





Far North: tail of the fish

A region of scrubby hills disappearing under moving dunes, economically impoverished and barely registering on New Zealand’s psyche, the Far North is favoured by tourists and a special place for Maori. Traditional beliefs have the spirits of the dead travelling up Ninety Mile Beach, Te Oneroa a Tohe, to Te Rerenga Wairua on a spiritual pathway known as Te Ara Wairua. Near the tip of the Cape, they descend the roots of an old pohutukawa and leap off into the underworld to return to their traditional homeland of Hawaiiki.


Cash Crays

Unleashed, Hustler, Mako, Whammo—their boats have names as defiant as their spirit. Each day the fishermen of CRA8 set out to face isolation, potentially bad weather and treacherous seas as they hunt one of our most valuable marine creatures—the New Zealand rock lobster.


Peter James Quinn: New Zealanders in Focus

One of New Zealand’s preeminent social documentary photographers, Quinn’s moving visual studies shot over 20 years have provided a view of New Zealand in cross-section, offering insights into the nature of our familiar yet diverse and multi-layered society. His new book, published by New Zealand Geographic, is a selection of the best.

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