Jul - Aug 2012

Dog show

Denniston Plateau


Colony collapse



Living World

Keeping the Bees

As the spectre of Colony Collapse Disorder and plummeting bee populations engulfs the globe, so goes the fate of our horticulture, agriculture and the natural pollination of the living world. Yet hope may exist on Chatham Island, where beekeepers are focused on keeping the bees.

Science & Environment

The black and the green

A proposal by Australian-based Bathurst Resources to strip-mine a swathe of conservation land inland of Westport, on the West Coast of the South Island, has once again sparked a clash of cultural priorities. Should the ecological and landscape values of the plateau—a dramatic combination of rock, wetland, subalpine forest and tussock—be jeopardised for the economic benefits of extracting the coal that lies beneath? And should a country that trades on its green image be in the business of mining the planet’s most environmentally unfriendly fuel?

Living World

Best in Show

New Zealanders boast one of the highest dog ownership rates in the world—one third of households own at least one dog and 300 kennel clubs across the country run hundreds of dog shows a year. The competition will always be fierce, but there can only be one Best in Show.


The Voice of the City

Derived from voix de ville, literally voice of the city, vaudeville performances became popular in the United States at the turn of the 20th century, competing for patronage as an upper-class alternative to the more sultry form of burlesque. A troupe in Auckland is the latest in a worldwide revival of the variety show, translating the voice of their city for a new generation of theatre-goers.


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