No bridges

Kaikoura to Greymouth—the hard way. That's the guts of the South Island Four-Wheel-Drive Coast to Coast Teams Enduro, now in its sixth bone-jarring year. New Zealand Geographic sent two masters of the mudhole, wizards of the winch, lone rangers of low ratios along for the ride.



Jul - Sep 1998




Governor Grey






Worship in a strange land

In an age of social fragmentation, what holds communities together--especially immigrant communities, people who, by choice or under durees, are living far from their homelands? For many, worship provides solace, strength and a sense of shared identity when they live as sojourners in a strange land.

Science & Environment

Summer on the Coromandel

Crimson pohutukawa fringing azure seas, a rugged mountain chain rising into the clouds and, at journey's end, a shady hideaway beside a peaceful estuary. These are the elements that make the Coromandel a place apart. Yet all is not sunshine in this slice of paradise. Making a living here is getting tougher, and as city-dwellers from nearby Auckland and Hamilton seek to partake of the area's tranquillity, people-pressure threatens to corrode the Coromandel's natural charm.

Living World

Passionate about paua

Esteemed for both its gastronomic virtues and the surreal beauty of its shell, paua is our mollusc supreme. But pressure on the resource-especially from poachers-means that the days of gathering a free feed of shellfish from the rocks may be numbered.


The governor's island

In a succession of difficult postings—South Australia, New Zealand, South Africa—the energetic George Grey proved himself one of the British Empire's most able governors. Yet when he returned to New Zealand in 1861 for a second term, the magic was fading. The colony was on the brink of civil war, and local politicians were unwilling to allow Grey his former power. As an escape from the increasing pressure and frustration of public life, Grey purchased Kawau Island, building a grand house there amid exotic gardens and filling it with treasures. On the centenary of the death of Sir George Grey—soldier, statesman, explorer, philanthropist—we pay a lingering visit to Mansion House...

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