Align your brand with our valuable audience.

Align your brand with our valuable audience.

New Zealand Geographic has a massive, influential and unique readership of 411,000 New Zealanders—the third-most read newsstand magazine in the country with the youngest readership. They have a high household income (average $104k, and twice as likely to earn more than $250k), are highly educated (twice as likely to hold post-grad qualifications) and highly engaged with the New Zealand Geographic brand. They are also a near perfect match for the national average by age, ethnicity and geographic distribution.

Nielsen CMI data reveals that these are passionate New Zealanders who are smart, financially secure, own their own homes and aspire to the finer things in life. They consume ethically responsible goods, donate regularly and care about topical issues ranging from politics to the environment. They love history, art, music and getting outdoors, but are also very active with technology. They eat healthy food and love trying new things. They love travelling, especially where they get to experience the local culture.

It is also a relatively exclusive audience—52% of New Zealand Geographic readers do not read any other comparable magazine title. (93% of readers do not read Home, 82% do not read North & South, 87% do not read NZ Listener and 90% do not read Metro.)

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Standard Advertising Terms and Conditions

Payment for advertising is due on the 20th of the month of publication.

Cancellations must be made in writing three weeks prior to the relevant booking deadline. If an advertisement is cancelled after the booking deadline, or if the material fails to arrive in time, New Zealand Geographic reserves the right to charge for the cost of the advertisement and/or production costs. Material not received by the material deadline may also be held over to the following issue. Incomplete material may incur production charges.

All positions are at the discretion of the publisher unless a preferred position is specified and agreed to.

Some advertisements are placed at a discounted rate based on a volume commitment. If any of these advertisements are cancelled, New Zealand Geographic reserves the right to charge the difference between the discounted price and the full price for advertisements placed prior to the cancellation.

This arrangement is confidential to both parties and price sensitive. Parties will not disclose the material terms of this agreement either directly or indirectly.