The demon grasshoppers

What insects have the tusks of an elephant, can weigh as much as a thrush and yet live like mice? Only the New Zealand weta. As many as 100 species of these thorny creatures dwell in burrows , caves and crevices, from lush islands to snowy mountain crests.



Jan - Mar 1994




Ballantynes fire

Bohemians of Puhoi




Dances with horses

Kiwi cowboys have been riding, roping and wrestling on the rodeo circuit for night on 50 these down-under marlboro men, rodeo is more than a sport, it's a life -a quest that takes them from Invercargill to Kaitaia in pursuit of that magical eight-second ballet between man and beast


Pukeko-the indomitable swamphen

Popularly regarded as brainless kamikazes lacking all road sense, pukeko are confounding scientists with their complex, flexible social lives. And, while other native birds struggle to survive environmental changes, pukeko seem to take everything in their strutting stride.


Faith and brotherhood

Tested to the limit by poverty and tribulation, the Bohemians who settled in Puhoi last century clung to two guiding principles: be faithful to the Church and always help your neighbour. Hard work, too, created strong bonds within the community. Today, although bullock teams like John Rauner's have made way for tractors and four-wheel-drives, the traditions of the pioneers live on. An early morning worshipper finds solace at the altar of the village church, built by his ancestors.

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