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Caffyn around Alaska

Paul Caffyn lives on the West Coast and paddles the world. He has already become the first person to kayak around Britain, New Zealand, Japan and Australia. Now he is set to chalk up another great circumnavigation: the coastline of Alaska.He tells the story of the journey so far...



Jul - Sep 1990


Harbour bridge

Coastal birds



Alaska by Kayak




Earth, fire and water

New Zealand's geothermal areas are world renowned for their spectacular displays of colour, texture and raw power. In a new book photographer Craig Potton focuses on the jewels in our geothermal crown.


Slow, slimy and surprising!

New Zealand has around 1000 species of native land snails, yet most people have probably never seen a single one. Warren Judd reveals something of the glory of these creatures and their shell-less relatives the slugs.

Science & Environment

The big Meccano set

Variously known as the "coathanger", the "steel ribbon" and the "big Meccano set", held together by 205,000 high tensile steel bolts and requiring over 15,000 litres of fresh paint every year, the Auckland Harbour Bridge serves more than 120,000 vehicles a day, and has become the city's most distinctive icon.


Tauranga's coastal birds

Harbours and estuaries are some of the most productive ecosystems on earth. Their sheltered waters support a flourishing growth of marine plants and animals, and an especially rich bird fauna, as photographer Brian Chudleigh reveals.

Science & Environment

Green gold

Once valued for its antiseptic qualities, sphagnum moss is now finding a new use as the world's best potting medium for expensive hothouse orchids. And nowhere does the giant moss grow better than in the swamps of the West Coast, where the fiercely independent locals are fuelling an industry with a future as impressive as their own landscape.

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