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Godwits and wrybills roost on chenier shell banks at Miranda, and the western shore of the Firth of Thames. Each year, godwits will embark on the longest non-stop migration of any bird in the world, flying from this site to the Yellow Sea in China, then to Alaska, and returning across the Pacific, direct, to New Zealand.


A Thing of the Past

The deer culling days are over but the men who lived through that era still go back to the mountains. Ex culler turned photographer Gordon Roberts and his mate Angus Thompson take Tim Higham back to the rugged Canterbury High Country to experience their old way of life and the many moods of the mountains.


To Save the Kakapo

The kakapo’s most successful breeding season for 16 years was a roller coaster ride of hope for the team trying to save New Zealand’s flightless parrot from extinction.

Documentary - Kill or Cure


From religious ceremony to myths and horror movies, blood is the most potent of human symbols. Whether it is being sought by a hungry vampire or used in a modern hospital, blood flows in a rich red torrent through both medical and mythical history. We travel back in time to examine the history of this vital fluid.


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