Documentary - Megastructures

Megastructures: World's Tallest TV Tower

On the banks of the Pearl River in Guangzhou city, an impressive new silhouette is placing China’s third largest city firmly in the limelight. The Guangzhou Sightseeing and TV Tower is a shrine to modern technology and design–and testimony to the vision of a small architectural team who dared to dream big.

Documentary - Wild South


Promiscuous, incestuous and homosexual, our native swamp hen is a rather remarkable bird. At Western Springs Wetlands, deep in Auckland’s western suburbs, two families of pukeko carry on their very communal lifestyle in an entirely natural way – despite pressures from other birds, and hand-outs of stale bread and buns.


Tropic Gothic

Tropic Gothic is the story of a wet season, a house, and a gentle old woman. Together they weave a magical tale of nature’s endless cycle.

Documentary - Kill or Cure


The human brain may be the most complex object in the universe and scientists are only just beginning to understand how it works and why it malfunctions. We examine the strange and terrible history of mental illness, from the first surgical procedure to ‘release demons’ to modern remedies such as Prozac, the wonder drug for depression.

Documentary - Extreme Animal Babies

Toughest Tots

In the world of Extreme Animals, meet the Babies! From the cute and the seemingly helpless, to the weird and sometimes downright creepy, get ready for a top ten countdown of the world’s most extreme animal infants.

Documentary - Our Big Blue Backyard

Goat Island

The creatures of New Zealand’s oldest marine reserve are safe from humans, but that doesn’t mean life is easy. They are under constant attack from marauding dolphins, diving cormorants, and the sharks and the marlin that live beyond the boundaries of the reserve.


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