An island apart

Through most of their long history, the people of Great Barrier have fought isolation and scratched out a hard-won livelihood. Now, fast boats and automatic telephones are threatening to change forever a diverse community shaped by its past.



Jan - Mar 1991



Solar challenge

Great Barrier Island




Science & Environment

The charge of the light brigade

On Sunday, November 11, 1990, 36 fragile solar-powered vehicles left Darwin to travel 3000km across the centre of Australia to Adelaide in a race described by the organisers as "the event of the future"—the World Solar Challenge. Among the challengers was a group of Kiwis trying out their solar wings.


Antarctica - A New Zealand perspective

Although New Zealand's slice of the great white south is three times the size of the rest of the country, for most of us the Ross Dependency is an unknown—a blank space in the atlas of our images and experiences. Auckland writer Mark Scott recently voyaged south to try and fill in some of the gaps.

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