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The lure of trout

Ever since the American writer Zane Grey fished these waters in the 1920s and declared New Zealand to be the "angler's Eldorado," fly-fishing enthusiasts have beaten a path to our river­-banks and lake shores to test their skills against the trout's cunning. In central North Island rivers such as the renowned Tongariro River rainbow trout predominate: hard-fighting, fine-tasting fish whose speckled flanks and blush of pink make them an alluring as well as a challenging quarry.



Apr - Jun 2000




Southern Traverse

Wairarapa Earthquake




Bougainville: island of scars

The wounds of war are a long time healing. On Bougainville, where thousands died during the Pacific's bloodiest conflict since the end of the Second World War, the fighting is over—but the task of rebuilding has only just begun.

Science & Environment

The day the earth shifted

New Zealand's largest earthquake in European times struck the centre of the country almost 150 years ago. Although the later Murchison and Napier earthquakes claimed more lives, neither created the geological upheaval wrought by the Wairarapa earthquake of 1855.

Living World

Velvet underground

It may look like a subterranean soft toy, but a prowling peripatus is anything but cuddly. The "velvet worm" is a voracious predator with a startling method of catching prey, and one of the forest's more unlikely denizens.

Cycle Trails

The race that never ends

It is only day one of the 1999 Southern Traverse, and already leg muscles are protecting as a team heads towards Mt Arthur in Kahurangi National Park. There are four more painful days and sleepless nights for competitors to endure in . . . 

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