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Rarest of the rare

Rowi are the rarest of the rare—a species of kiwi so critically restricted in distribution and breeding success that they were almost done for. But a last-ditch effort—codenamed Operation Nest Egg—has dramatically changed the fortunes of the most imperilled kiwi in the world.



Thick and thin

New Zealand’s economy was built on ‘the back of a sheep’, but in recent decades, the fortunes of wool have been largely eclipsed by the dairy industry. The twin strands of the fine- and coarse-wool industries have taken diverging paths, focusing on the economic challenge of adding value in New Zealand, rather than exporting the raw material. Will wool rebound?


Massacre at Featherston

In February 1943, an astonishing series of circumstances aligned to set the scene for the most alarming and tragic wartime event on New Zealand soil in the 20th century. Though still shrouded by the fog of war and military censorship, what really happened at 1PW Featherston is gradually coming to light.


Game over

We all hope our lives will have meaning. But for the agents of biochemistry, our deaths are just another job number.


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