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City of sails

Auckland’s Anniversary Day Regatta is held every year on the Monday closest to January 29, the legacy of an impromptu “regatta” between the whaleboats and gigs of Lieutenant-Governor William Hobson’s retinue on the day the city was founded, September 18, 1840. Since 1850, it has been cancelled on only one occasion, and has taken a place at the core of Auckland’s sporting culture.



Mar - Apr 2012

Acclimatisation Societies

Nelson Floods

Solar car


Sperm whales




Hunting Utopia

One hundred and fifty years ago, acclimatisation societies forever changed the nature of our nature, introducing exotic creatures for commerce, sport and sentiment. Today, their successor, Fish & Game, finds itself in a very different role...


A God in Our Midst

They are among the most out-sized, extreme animals ever to have lived. They are also among the most socially interactive and ruthlessly exploited. For all their size and might, sperm whales’ continued presence in the oceans remains contingent on the actions of their resource-hungry nemesis: us.

Living World

After the flood

Nile Street looked much like its Egyptian namesake as rain thundered down on Nelson in December. Culverts choked with rocks and silt, and despite extensive use of sandbags, houses and gardens were inundated. But worse was to come. Hillsides collapsed, rivers burst their banks and torrents of water drove tonnes of silt and sand through valleys and farmland throughout the district. After two days of deluge, those who weren’t driven from their homes by the rising flood looked in disbelief upon the damage wrought by water in one of New Zealand’s sunniest regions.

Science & Environment

A new day for solar power

The sun powers our planet and provides us life. It’s as simple as that—though the processes can be mysterious and the applications surprising. In December last year, a bunch of Kiwis with a budget of less than $40,000 proved that it was possible to drive the length of the country using nothing but sunlight.


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