Banks Peninsula

This gnarled hand of land is a fist of defiant ruggedness in the monotonous flatlands of coastal Canterbury. Yet sharp topography has done little to protect the forests that once clothed the ground, of which the three wind-blown matai seen here are typical remnants. The human inhabitants of the peninsula tend to display a similar stalwart individuality.



May - June 2007

Banks Peninsula

Frost Flats


Bryde's whales


Kiwi hunting





In rural New Zealand, every family has a collection of gumboots. When one boot gets a split, you keep the other in the hope that next time the opposite boot will fail so you’ll be able to reconstitute a pair. As every parent ruefully knows, kids’ feet grow fast, so as autumn beds in, it’s time to see what will fit for the coming winter. Experienced kids, like Max and Sophie Hindley, give the boots a good shake to dislodge spiders and the like before trying them on. These days, you can find a quality, cut and colour of gumboot to satisfy just about any taste.

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