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Run for your life

In the 1960s, New Zealander Arthur Lydiard introduced the concept of jogging to the world and sparked a global revolution towards fitness and well-being. Running became the most popular participation sport on the planet, but also the cause of numerous preventable injuries. Now, new scientific evidence and an emerging movement of ‘natural running’ serve to reinforce Lydiard’s original vision of the sport—the ultimate regimen for “a healthy, vigorous life”.


Science & Environment

Night moves: The world of moths

Moths can be regarded as a domestic inconvenience. They spin in awkward orbits about lamps, invade our cereal, snack on our woollens. But look closer; theirs is a remarkable world of gluttony, dramatic transformations, mind-bending scents and wild sex.

Living World

Farmers' markets

Fifty thousand New Zealanders shop at farmers’ markets every week, with local economies and communities benefitting from the worldwide resurgence of interest in seasonal food. With over 40 markets operating in New Zealand, this quiet revolution is slowly changing the way we think, shop and eat.


Black Tide - the Rena accident and its implications

New Zealanders have become accustomed to sea freight slipping silently in and out of the country’s ports without incident. But on October 5, that impression of well-oiled efficiency foundered on Astrolabe Reef, and our coastlines suddenly seemed acutely exposed. What went wrong?



Metamorphosis gave the insects a leg-up to global supremacy. Now, research hints that it may have done much, much more.


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