To Haast, the Hard Way

In summer, a team of climbers embarked on what would be an ambitious and gruelling attempt to traverse the Southern Alps. They began on bicycles in Christchurch and, more than a month later, finished in Haast, having walked 200 km—some on trails pioneered by Charlie Douglas more than a century ago, other times taking routes no one had attempted before.




Few other places in New Zealand have been defined by the waves that roll upon the shore. But at Raglan, where one of the world's finest point-breaks peels around the great mountain of Karioi, surfing has connected industry and culture.

Science & Environment

Great Experimentations

This year, the Department of Conservation will embark on a brave new model for managing takahe, one of New Zealand’s most endangered birds. After more than six decades of intensive intervention, rangers are going to try to do the impossible: nothing.

Living World

The great south road

Every year tourists follow the wet road south to visit the extraordinary wildlife preserves of the subantarctic islands—the raucous penguin colonies, the perennial bloom of megaherbs and the austere and hostile beauty of the ice-laden Southern Ocean. Brett Phibbs travelled the great south road with Heritage Expeditions as part of his prize as the 2011 New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year.


Time for tea

New Zealanders once consumed more tea per capita than any other nation in the world. A resurgence in the popularity of boutique varieties, and—for the first time­ locally grown tea, may make it time for tea once again.


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