Return of the lost birds

Since humans arrived in New Zealand, we’ve lost nearly half of our native terrestrial bird species. Some of those extinct icons are well known, while others are recalled only by myth and bones. We will probably never know the full polyphony of that primordial dawn chorus, but old bones and new science are giving us a richer picture of life in the land of birds, back when they still ruled the roost. For the first time, we’re able to answer questions about what they ate, where they came from, how they were related to each other, and how they got so much bigger, heavier, and weirder than their ancestors.


Neil Silverwood

Neil Silverwood specializes in photographing some of the wildest, most remote places in New Zealand - many of which have never been photographed before. His images depict the thrill of exploration and the awe of the backcountry and aim to make viewers feel the grit in their socks - wet through, trail weary and alive




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