Esther Bunning

A vision of nurturing

Esther Bunning’s hope for the future of Aotearoa is that we nurture and encourage the voice of our youth.

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“I love working with young people,” says Esther Bunning. “They often have a clarity and a vision that is unclouded by the complexities of adult justifications, but at the same time they have a growing awareness of the impact of their individual actions on such a small nation.”

Bunning would like to see a society that instils in our young people a sense of place, pride for what has come before them, a deep belief in themselves, and confidence in how they lead us into the future.

Esther captured her vision with the iconic film SLR Nikon F3 paired with the unique Nikkor 105mm f/2D.

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“For us to continue caring about nature, and our rivers, and animals.” YASHMEEN RAHIM age 12
“To recognise my culture and for the Maori language to be something everyone is proud of. ” AWHINA SOUTHEY age 16