Jonathan Suckling

A vision of community

Jonathan Suckling’s vision for the future of Aotearoa is for a country where people live connected lives full of meaning; one in which we learn to listen and appreciate those around us.

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Jonathan Suckling took out the versatile Nikon D750 paired with the ultra-sharp Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E.

“There are so many people with different stories living together in one place, but sometimes it seems like we are living in our own little world,” says Suckling. “It seems that because of how society functions these days the need for community has been lost.”

The written word is a powerful communication device that he uses to explore the difference and commonality between a diverse group who identify as one people. Harakeke paper in hand, he wandered Karangahape Road, approaching passersby to see if they identified as a New Zealander and getting them to write their one hope for the country. A single word being an opportunity for the viewer to see themselves in the subject.

For him, a community breathes life when we have learnt to listen to the diversity around us; to feel connected with one another. To have a voice and know that our voice is valued.

​Jonathan hopes that Aotearoa is a nation full of creativity because of our ability to embrace difference. One that learns about each other’s distinctions with open mindedness and celebrates them for what they are.

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