Richard Wong

A vision of harmony

Richard Wong’s hope for the future of New Zealand is harmony through diversity, showing that even things with conflicting natures can live together peacefully.

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For his Nikon Iconic Futures project Richard Wong took out the Nikon F, which was made more than 50 years before the lens he shot with, the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D.

For Wong, a vision of harmony can only be achieved through a divergence in interest—a celebration of difference that keeps life interesting. It’s these two halves that create a dynamic balance of opposites that hold up his hope for the future of Aotearoa—harmony.

“Imagine how boring the world would be if everything was the same; talking the same way, driving the same car, watching the same TV show, while all of us eat the same food every day,” he says.

The future of New Zealand inevitably leads to change, and with it, the conflict of development. For Wong, allowing for this to occur naturally will lead to peaceful coexistance.

“A lot of the problems in the world are due to us all being different. But it shouldn’t have to be. We shouldn’t let the differences divide us. We should embrace our differences, and let diversity enrich our lives,” he says.

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