Mark Gee

A vision of meaning

Mark Gee’s hope for the future of New Zealand is to breathe meaning into our cities by preserving the open spaces for people to enjoy and share.

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For this project, Mark Gee took out the Nikon D850, with the versatile workhorse; the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8E lens.

Slowing down to see Wellington in a way most non-photographers miss, he investigated a changing world with its transforming landscape. A life-long passion for getting outdoors motivates Gee to capture the special places he finds around the city, before they too disappear.

“We all have our special places wrapped up in meaning; the park overlooking the city where you played at as a kid, the place your dad took you to gaze at the stars, the beach where you watched the sunset with the family. It’s memories like these that make me hope future generations get the chance to enjoy these same special places,” he says.

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