Windborn—A Journey into Flight

The story of a family whose great passion in life is to soar like the birds, to glide in the great invisible force of nature – the wind.

Produced by NHNZ

We follow Lucy Wills, a third generation member of this family of dedicated aviators in her quest to understand the mysteries of flight.

When Lucy finally goes solo, the drama and tension are palpable.

The tension mounts when Father, Gavin Wills and cousin Justin Wills take Lucy on a cross country flight, never attempted before. The journey begins at New Zealand’s highest peak, Mount Cook. After soaring over its summit they glide south over lakes and valleys, soaring through the beauty and grandeur that are the Southern Alps, towards forbidden territory for gliders – Fiordland.

It is a journey of high adventure and great beauty. It is a journey guaranteed to make us all wish we were Wind Born.

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