NZ-VR Trailer

Making New Zealand a little more real to New Zealanders, using virtual reality.

Produced by New Zealand Geographic / Richard Robinson

NZ-VR is a project undertaken by New Zealand Geographic, Sir Peter Blake Trust, The Pew Charitable Trusts and Foundation North’s GIFT fund, using virtual reality to connect New Zealanders with their environment and inspire social change at scale. The team is in production on five wild places of a proposed 20 that, together, will provide a virtual experience of every biome in New Zealand—from our mountain peaks to our deep seas.

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Episodes From This Series

Explore the ice cave

1 minute / 2022


1 minute / 2018


1 minute / 2018

Leigh Wharf

1 minute / 2018

Waiheke Channel

1 minute / 2018

Commercial Fishing

1 minute / 2018

Kina barren -Three Kings

1 hour /

Kina Barren – Nordic Reef

32 seconds / 2018

NZ-VR Trailer

2 minutes / 2018