When Sharks Attack

Find out exactly what happens when a swimmer’s worst fears become reality.

Produced by NHNZ

Sharks are the ocean’s ultimate predator. The slightest hint of their presence can evacuate a beach, sending shockwaves of fear through a previously idyllic summer.

Not all species of sharks attack people, but some, including the bull shark, the tiger shark and the fearsome white shark are known to prey on humans.

Shark attacks are rare, but they do happen, and with more people congregating at the beaches and playing in coastal waters, the number of shark attacks is on the rise. But while there are more attacks, few of these lead to death. These extreme predators are more than capable of slicing a human in two with one vicious bite, yet often they hold back, or let go – why?

In When Sharks Attack, research biologist Mark Marks goes in search of answers to the questions of shark attack. He interviews people who have suffered horrific shark bites to ascertain the exact strategy sharks use when attacking, and what the reasons are for letting their prey go free.

When Sharks Attack not only investigates the science behind shark behaviour but also tells the incredible stories of people who have experienced nature’s most perfect killing machine first hand – and lived to tell the tale.

From teenage surfers JP Andrews and Bethany Hamilton, who, despite almost losing their lives in separate shark attacks, continue to surf. JP says the attack, which left him medically dead for over 30 minutes, has given him great respect for the ocean and for its creatures.

This sentiment is echoed by many of the survivors; changed forever, but armed with greater insight because of their life-changing brush with the ocean’s most deadly predator.

When Sharks Attack is a fascinating insight into all facets of shark predator behaviour and the human response; from the physical biology, to the psychological trauma and recovery. Humans may have conquered the earth, but sharks still rule the seas.

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