Treasure and Death—Secrets of a Moche Tomb

As archaeologists uncover ancient Peruvian tombs they piece together the mysterious lives and savage deaths of one of America’s most brilliant civilisations, the Moche.

Produced by NHNZ

As archaeologists investigate newly discovered tombs on the northern coast of Peru, they find themselves digging deeper to solve ancient mysteries dating back more than two thousand years.

The tombs belong to one of America’s most brilliant civilisations, the Moche, and hold the key to unravelling the mysterious lives and deaths of this ancient empire.

To solve these mysteries and read the riddle of the wordless world of the Moche people, archaeologists look at their exquisite artwork, study the human remains uncovered in the tombs and even turn to modern day spiritual healers for answers.

Treasure and Death tells a story of savagery, brilliance, mystery and splendour as it investigates the bizarre lives of this unknown civilisation and identifies how their ancient rituals still exist today.

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