The Man Who Has Everything

The Man Who Has Everything demystifies the medicine behind a condition which affects millions of Americans each year — chest pain.

Produced by NHNZ

The Man Who Has Everything is a medical programme which combines reality with comedy and drama to guarantee informative and entertaining television.

“George”, our middle-class, middle-management man discovers a symptom…  a symptom that takes him and us on a medical journey.  By following George we gain access to the latest medical technology, theories and practices; we find out what happens to George both physically and emotionally; and we learn along with him what faces the sufferers of one of America’s most common afflictions — chest pain.

George’s journey enables us to ask the questions most of us forget to ask until after we’ve left the doctor’s office.  Because we have access to George’s imagination, we are even able to ask the questions we’re too afraid to ask in real life. Although George is played by an actor, he visits real health care professionals.

A touch of humour makes George’s ailment easier to understand and entertaining and informative to watch. From fantasy sequences that highlight George’s anxieties to special effects that illustrate his aches and pains in unusual ways … George really is The Man Who Has Everything.

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