Super Scavengers

Watch as one young, hip Aussie zoologist gives the garbage disposers of the animal kingdom the ultimate image make-over.

Produced by NHNZ

Australian zoologist Chris Coupland doesn’t fit the traditional image of the Wildlife scientist. No khaki shorts or zebra striped Land Rovers; just a few tattoos, the odd piercing, and an obsession with scavengers.

Based in Tasmania, Chris is an authority on the Tasmania Devil: a tough marsupial carnivore that’s also a scavenger; there’s nothing a devil likes better than a week-old carcass for dinner. Tasmanian Devils are both maligned and misunderstood. Chris’s day job is to care for, and educate the public, about these unique Aussie animals; if anyone knows Tasmanian Devils it’s Chris Coupland.

But Chris’s world of scavengers is about to get a whole lot bigger as he leaves the island of Tasmania in search of the world’s iconic scavenger species.

Nature’s great opportunists, scavengers are feared and loathed in the environments they inhabit. Many oSAf these species are so reviled their very name has become a human insult. The devil, the vulture and jackal: all words loaded with negative connotations. But Chris is going to change that as he teaches the world about the animals close to his heart.

From Tasmania to mainland Australia, South Africa and the wild Skelton Coast of Namibia, Chris is a globetrotting man on a mission looking for scavengers in all the right places.

On his way, he will referee an eating competition between dingo pups; narrowly avoid giving his fingers to a Cape Griffin vulture; have his room trashed by a gang of partying baboons; and watch opportunistic jackals at work on the African coast.

Super Scavengers shows these species doing what they are best known for. But there’s another side to every animal and Chris sets out to bust a myth about each of the species featured in the show, proving that a bad reputation is not always deserved.

The outsiders, the adapters and the opportunists of the animal world, scavengers need a bit of positive PR and in Chris they’ve found their most dedicated spin doctor.

So get ready to take a walk on the wild side as we goes in search of Super Scavengers!

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