Siberian Survivors—A Tale of Two Foxes

To survive the merciless winter of the north, Arctic and Red Foxes stake their lives on one brief event ― a Siberian Summer.

Produced by NHNZ

Summer in Siberia is only a short annual respite from the region’s extreme and bitter winters.  The animals which have survived winter’s extreme cold and biting, hundred-mile-an-hour winds must now face the challenge of a new season with only a brief time to feed and breed.  And the choices they make will mean the difference between life and death.

Two species of one family; the tiny Arctic fox and its larger cousin, the red fox, have adopted two very different strategies to ensure their survival.  Above the polar line, Arctic foxes must abandon the pack ice and make their way to Wrangel Island in order to breed.  Meanwhile, two thousand miles to the south, a few red foxes adopt a daring survival plan that sees them abandon the mainland to make a six-mile journey across a frozen sea to ice-locked Talan Island.

The survival of both foxes is inextricably linked to the other inhabitants of their island refuges.  An uneasy relationship with the polar bears of Wrangel Island holds the key to the survival of the Arctic fox, while on Talan the red fox must gamble on two annual arrivals: that of the many bird species that breed there, and the winter ice that will once again free them from their island prison.

With a cast that includes polar bears, caribou, brown bears and millions of birds, Siberian Survivors – A Tale of Two Foxes is a highly original portrayal of the risks and rewards of life on the edge of the world.

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