Naughty by Nature

As we kick open the bedroom doors of the animal kingdom you’ll discover why animals are Naughty by Nature!

Produced by NHNZ

You could be forgiven for thinking that humans are the masters of the mating game but, as Naughty By Nature reveals, there is some wild behaviour going on in the animal kingdom.

However, there’s a reason for these immoral goings on. Although animals may indulge in some jaw-dropping, eye-popping and mesmerising sex, it’s all in the name of nature.

One of the most well known sex maniacs is the rabbit but, as only one in ten wild bunnies reach their first birthday, if it wasn’t for their high fertility and their partner swapping our fluffy friends could die out.

So how do animals attract their mate? Showering urine and flinging dung may not seem romantic to us, but for many animals this is a way of releasing powerful sex hormones, crucial for getting their partner in the mood.

Unfortunately attracting a mate isn’t always that easy. Some male animals have to prove they’re the toughest guy on the block by throwing their weight around in a show of strength and stamina. Bull elephant seals use half a tonne of blubber to overcome other males, while bharal rams duel on Himalayan slopes at altitudes of over 4000 metres, where there’s precious little oxygen and often, a long steep drop.

Like humans, animals come in all shapes and sizes and whoever said size doesn’t matter was mistaken, for in the wild it means everything. From the largest to the smallest and the straight to the crooked, Naughty By Nature exposes some amazing genitalia and explains why they are shaped like they are.

When it comes to having their wicked way, you’ll be amazed at the lengths animals go to. Some risk life and limb to win their mate, by having their heads bitten off, their gonads burst, through exhausting sex, or even by not doing it at all! And if you think celibacy is the safest bet in the wild, it’s actually the deadliest for some. Without sex, female ferrets literally poison themselves and die!

The wild sex revealed in Naughty By Nature has a purpose and it seems that in the wide world of nature, promiscuity, gender-bending and even prostitution are justified when it helps maintain populations. It may look like bad behaviour, but these creatures just doing what comes naturally.

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