An exploration of New Zealand’s Fiordland, from icebound mountain peak to the silty fiord floor. Patterns and shapes reveal an uncanny mirror image between life in the beech forests on land and that in the forests of black coral trees underwater.

Produced by NHNZ

A journey from the permanent ice fields of the mountain peaks to the dark depths of the fiord bottom, looking at how life changes along the way.

Patterns and growth forms above water are mirrored below. Beech trees reach out for the sun, black coral trees reach out for plankton.

We follow scientist divers studying this unique population of black coral, as well as looking at rare deep water red corals and ancient brachiopods.

For the first time we will also record images from the very floor of the fiords, no one yet knows what awaits the Remotely Operated Vehicle that will take us to the depths. A team of scientists will be eagerly monitoring the exploration from the safety of their vessel 1000ft above.

One more exciting discovery is in store, examination by ROV of a strange sonar reading at 400-foot depths outside Milford Sound, giving a reading on colour depth sounds at the same density as black coral and kelp it poses some problems. It’s far to deep for kelp and at 60’ high, is at least 3 time higher than any previously known black coral tree.

Only the ROV can solve the riddle.

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