Lost World of the Poor Knights

The Poor Knights are a place where giant wetas and giant landsnails still browse the forests, where large poisonous centipedes and shore crabs stalk the forest floor after dark. It’s also home to a large variety of lizards which pollinate the flowers and distribute the seeds of the forest. Once all these animals lived on the New Zealand mainland, but they would never survive today for this is a slice of New Zealand the way it once was and can never be again.

Produced by NHNZ

On a tiny island lost since the dawn of time, we can glimpse a world long past. Here are creatures from another age. Giant armour-plated insects called wetas and huge land snails that still browse the forests. Poisonous centipedes over one foot long live with hungry land crabs that invade the forest and drag young seabirds from the safety of their burrows.

Most amazingly the tuatara, a miniature dinosaur has survived on these remote islands unchanged for millions of years. The Poor Knights, the world as it was before man walked the earth.

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