Kea – Mountain Parrot

A tale of theft, murder, kidnap and comedy.

Produced by NHNZ

Meet the ultimate lead character in a nature film, a parrot that lives high in the mountains amidst rock and snow. An intelligent and bold creature dubbed by many “clown of the Alps”.

But are these inquisitive and resourceful creatures the innocents many would suppose?

Some say the comic Kea is nothing more than a hooligan-they have grown tired of its antics. Others will tell you the bird is criminal and must pay for its crimes. And they charge the Kea with more than petty theft and vandalism-they accuse it of murder. No other bird has ever been so actively persecuted and yet fiercely protected.

This documentary examines both the public and private life of one of the world’s most controversial birds-the Kea.

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