Islands of the Iguana

Fiji is a nation of coral beaches, coconut palms and unforgettable sunsets – but it’s also a wildlife paradise and a place of many mysteries. One such mystery is how a three-foot long tropical South American tree dwelling lizard came to be marooned in the middle of the Pacific thousands of miles from its home.

Produced by NHNZ

Fiji is more than a scattering of lush tropical islands lost in the world’s greatest ocean. It’s the home of iguanas found nowhere else on earth.

On these islands live the multicoloured-banded iguana reflecting the iridescent colours of its world. Deep blue – as blue as a lagoon. Vivid greens – as green as the waving palm fronds. In the high, wet cloud forest lives the real mystery, an iguana pure black and white. How can these two creatures be so different yet the same? Islands of the Iguana tells the untold story.

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