Inside New Zealand

What is it about New Zealand that generates such passion and loyalty in its inhabitants and how has the rugged land influenced their lives?

Produced by NHNZ

New Zealand is an old country but a new nation. It was the last sizeable piece of land to be inhabited by humans and has developed into a land of freedom, innovation and daring.

Inside New Zealand is a documentary which digs deep to discover how the country’s amazingly unique human inhabitants have been shaped by the isolation of their South Pacific wilderness. It goes in search of some of New Zealand’s vastly contrasting people and looks at how their lives are influenced by the land.

Its partner programme, NZ Sanctuary Keepers, visits some of the country’s most beautiful, untouched areas and it’s stunning tourist destinations to hunt for its endangered wildlife and meets the people dedicating their lives to protecting them.

The two programmes not only reveal the truly colourful characters of the country’s varied inhabitants, viewers also get to see people and witness lifestyles they would not normally encounter on a holiday to New Zealand..

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