Atlantic Oases

An exploration of two of the most remote and inhospitable of all Brazil’s island groups.

Produced by NHNZ

Only the most determined travellers can conquer the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean but for those that succeed a sanctuary awaits. Far off the coast of Brazil—a third of the way to Africa—a few tiny islands lie, oases of life in a seemingly endless blue desert.

Trindade, and Saint Peter and Saint Paul Rocks are the most remote and inhospitable of the myriad islands that lie off Brazil’s extensive coastline. These islands are full of mystery and undiscovered wonders, such as the Trindade petrel—a bird that nests in only two places in the world—and tropical fish with peculiar patterns and colours.

This journey into these unknown and, until now, unseen island paradises raises more questions than answers. But one thing is certain; these forgotten Atlantic oases must be protected so that their mysteries may one day be solved.

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