A Thing of the Past

The deer culling days are over but the men who lived through that era still go back to the mountains.

Ex culler turned photographer Gordon Roberts and his mate Angus Thompson take Tim Higham back to the rugged Canterbury High Country to experience their old way of life and the many moods of the mountains.

Produced by NHNZ

Gordon Roberts is possibly the country’s leading wild animal photographer. His interest grew out of the time he spent as a deer-culler in the Canterbury High Country.

He returns to the Esk Valley with Angus Thompson, an old mate from the culling days, and Tim Higham, the journalist whose interest initiated the film. The film features the Esk Valley and Candlesticks Range. We’ll see Gordon stalking and photographing chamois and Canada Geese.

Discussions will cover the ‘disappearing breed’ of the High Country deer culler; examination of the role of hunter v. conservationist – they can exist together; archive footage shot in the 60’s will provide some entertainment in hunter training, but also serves to ask whether the culling achieved what it set out to do – and what about the future as numbers start to come back?

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