The invisible multitude

A tribute to the contributors

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New Zealand Geographic is the sum of its parts. And there are many parts in this machine, created and recreated 125 times over the past quarter-century of publication. Among the most important are the contributors—some regular, others itinerant—that have written stories or shot photographs from throughout the New Zealand realm. Most were commissioned to go forth and document, others submitted work they had produced under their own steam. It takes more dedication, effort and talent than might be obvious from a cursory flip through the magazine.

They have dived under ice shelves, glided through thermals, swum with sharks and tackled canyons, cliffs and mountain tops to take the reader to the distant and remarkable corners of this archipelago, and reveal the mysteries of science, the quirks of history and the idiosyncrasies of this arcane land that we might understand ourselves and this place better.

This is a tribute to them, the invisible multitude known only by their by-lines. This is their work—a catalogue of New Zealand 25 years in the making—and we believe it’s a contribution to the public record that they should be proud of.

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