Sun 29: Goat Island

A Sunday inside is not a Sunday wasted… he’s some stuff for families to do, Together at Home…

Written by      

Kennedy Warne

Below are some talking points and activities to pass the time, all relating to today’s video.

Talking points

Discuss the ideas presented in the video with your family—at home or over video conferencing. Find ways to involve as many people as possible, especially those who you know are isolated by the lock-down.

  • What were some of your favourite moments in this documentary?
  • Did you know that crayfish have become very rare outside of marine reserves? Why do you think that is?
  • Why do you think all the female crayfish release their eggs at the same time, and just before sunrise?
  • Why do you think kina and crayfish release millions of eggs each?
  • What might the kelp and seaweed forests be helpful to the fish in the reserve?
  • Why do you think the fish return again and again to Goat Island?

Task for the day

Ask you parents for a bar of soap. It’s important not to waste it—you can use the soap boat and collect all the trimmings for later.

Draw around the bar of soap on light cardboard. Draw the shape of a boat on the cardboard. Cut this out and lay it on the soap as a pattern. Use a kebab stick, skewer or something sharp-ish to etch around the pattern. As to use a knife from the cutlery drawer (it doesn’t need to be sharp) and cut the soap away until it is the right shape. Smooth the edges by paring with the knife—peel away from yourself. Dig out a central cavity if you want to.

You can make a boat out of lots of things—even a walnut. (The one in the picture has a toothpick mast and a sail and sailor made from beeswax clay.) So if you don’t have soap, see what else you can make a boat out of—the lid of a jar, the right-shaped leaf, hollow out half an apple… send your most creative boats to and we’ll post them on Together at Home.