Sat 28: The lost art of long walking

The first weekend in a new world, locked-down, but no less awesome.

Written by      

Neil Silverwood

Below are some talking points and activities to pass the time, all relating to today’s story.

(If younger readers are finding the story tricky just look at the pictures and figure out what story the photographer is trying to tell.)

Talking points

Discuss the ideas presented in the story with your family at home or over video conferencing. Find ways to involve as many people as possible, especially those who you know are isolated by the lock-down.

  • What looks like fun for the kids in this family?
  • What would you find challenging?
  • Do you think the family get lonely being on their own? Why or why not?
  • Does your family enjoy outdoor adventures like this?
  • Do you wish you could do more of them? Why or why not?
  • What steps could you take to do more tramping or outdoor adventuring?

Task for the day

Have a go at a bushcraft—whittling. Use a potato peeler and peel it down the length of a stick from the garden. Repeat this until you have removed the bark from the stick and it is nice and smooth.  Work on making a point if you want to. Work over an old chopping board if you are inside.