Pitching in

Written by      

Craig Mckenzie

Cub reporter Harriet Morris got her start as a toddler, assisting her dad, writer Bill Morris, to document correspondence school and the New Zealand ploughing championships. For this issue, Bill packed up the snacks and the woolly layers and took the three-year-old fossil-hunting. She happily got in among the muck, finding three chunks of amber for her treasure stash at home, secreting lignite all through her pockets, and completing her field work at her favourite playground on the way home.

Ruby Pierard-Joel, likewise, enjoyed being part of the action while Lottie Hedley photographed her mum, opera singer Madeleine Pierard, for this issue’s Profile. But the moment Pierard tried to sing, the two-year-old launched into high notes of her own—it was quickly decided that a quiet set would be best all round.