Adelaide Tarn Hut

Off the beaten track in Kahurangi National Park.

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Mark Watson

There are those moments in tramping when you can spend a whole day travelling through some inspiring country and, just when you are thinking that it can’t possibly get better, it does. This is what it feels like arriving at Adelaide Tarn Hut on the long day from Lonely Lake Hut, which will take most people a good 10-12 hours. Most people will want to split this day into two as it’s a shame to rush through such nice country, but others will push hard and make quick time along the roughly marked route that follows the flanks of the Dragons Teeth. It’s a magical and remote spot that washes away any tiredness as you amble down among the alpine plants to the little four-bunker.

The hut was built by the Golden Bay Alpine and Tramping Club in 1964 and originally called Trident Hut. Its design was shaped by the site, cramped into the side of a rock hummock above the tarn. The door is a squeeze—it’s not recommended that you try to enter while wearing your pack. But it’s functional, snug and in a stunning location—what more do you need for a memorable stay?