Phase one IQ series

The IQ2 series from Phase One rolls form and function into camera backs that meet the exacting demands of professionals

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Landscape photographers crave the high-resolution, 13-stop dynamic range of the IQ260, just one of three new full-frame 645-format digital camera backs Phase One has introduced in its IQ2 series.

The IQ260 and IQ260 Achromatic both offer 60 megapixel full-frame 645 CCD sensors. With the IQ260 Achromatic offering pure black and white images with no filters or interpolation applied. The IQ280 is the pinnacle of image quality with 80 mexapixel captures offering the highest resolution of any commercially available camera.

In addition to the 60–80 megapixel sensor and 16-bit colour depth per channel images, it’s the built-in Wi-Fi that releases pros from the burden of equipment on location. It took over a year and 50 prototypes before designers were satisfied with the performance of the dual-band antennae. They were striving for a fast, intuitive, responsive solution that didn’t require tethering and still maintained the original form factor of the IQ back.

The result is an ability to use your iPad or iPhone to set the exposure, trigger the shutter and instantly check focus and composition on a large screen using Capture Pilot. It’s also handy when you want to get the perfect shot from an odd angle or want an art director to be able to watch the workflow, and tag and rate the images in real time. You can also fine-tune your focus using the LiveView feature before you capture the image.

Whilst it’s a boon to be able to work wirelessly, sometimes the professional demands enhanced speed and power. The IQ2 backs are among the few that allow you to connect using USB3 or FireWire 800. With a computer running Capture One you can control every aspect of the captured image, from basic exposure to more advanced capture settings.

On the IQ260 fine art photographers will appreciate the facility for exposures up to one hour long and pure black and white sensor; but as a professional investment, the most reassuring aspect of the IQ2 series is its robust, 100 per cent aircraft-grade aluminum construction. All electronic connectors and ports are protected with retracting hatches or rubber covers to ensure they work continuously in challenging environments.

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