Fujifilm X-T1 Firmware V4.0

Fujifilm’s latest firmware upgrade makes it easier to capture moving subjects.

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A new autofocus system is just one of the improvements in Fujifilm’s latest firmware upgrade for the X-T1 series cameras, due for release in late June.

Two new AF modes use 77 autofocus points spread across a wider area than the existing 49-point AF system. The new ‘zone’ mode offers the selection of differently proportioned areas—3×3, 5×3 or 5×5—and combined with the AF-C continuous focusing mode, will track a subject at the centre of the chosen zone. The first two zone sizes feature extra-fast focusing thanks to built-in phase detection pixels.

The new ‘wide/tracking’ mode automatically identifies a subject and tracks it across the entire 77-point AF system, making it possible to maintain focus on a subject that moves erratically.

The upgrade also improves AF accuracy, because the focus area is divided into smaller sections. Built-in phase detection pixels, which compare light from one side of the lens to the other to determine whether or not a subject is in focus, now have a detection range of 0.5EV, an improvement from the previous 2.5EV. The result: fast focusing in low-light, low-contrast environments.

When shooting portraits, a new eye detection AF function automatically detects and focuses on human eyes, which is particularly helpful when shooting with a short depth of field.

The upgrade also extends to Movie mode, meaning that AF action while shooting video is smoother and more natural.

A new auto macro function means that it’s no longer necessary to press the Macro button for a close-up shot, but makes it possible to switch into macro mode while maintaining AF speed. (A different function can now be assigned to the Macro button.)

A handful of usability improvements round out the update: finer lines on the framing grid, making it easier to view the subject; the exposure compensation dial now available for use in manual mode; and a wider range of options from the shutter speed dial.

For existing users of Fujifilm’s popular X-T1, their cameras just got a lot better, overnight. For anyone considering buying one, there’s never been a better time.

Click here to download the firmware upgrade