Fujifilm X-M1

Retro-styled Fujifilm X-M1 arriving soon

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The compact, lightweight and classically designed X-M1, with interchangeable lenses, is the latest addition to Fujifilm’s award-winning X-Series.

The APS-C size sensor captures images with Fujifilm signature image quality and colour and features sensor architecture that eliminates the need for an optical low-pass filter. The result is that the APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor reproduces scenes with resolution and clarity rivalling a larger sensor.

The tilting screen gives you the freedom to frame high or low angle shots. Combined with it’s light weight and controls operable with only one hand, the camera can be held overhead to frame and shoot over a crowd or low down to capture a different perspective.

Professional photographers have waxed nostalgic over the final production run of Fujifilm’s famous Velvia transparency film—a photographer in the US bought the entire last shipment of 12,000 sheets of the 8×10 film—but all is not lost. The X-M1 includes a film simulation mode which accurately mimics the colour-response of iconic Fujifilm stocks, including Provia and Velvia, a digital life after death for film stocks.

Another feature is the ability to wirelessly transfer images to your smartphone or computer directly from the camera.

Like its X-Series counterparts, the metal milled dials and retro-styling give this camera a high-quality feel and finish. The limited-edition brown X-M1 launches in August.

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