Lottie Hedley

Take a look around

Nature isn’t far away in a national park, enclosed in a zoo or a predator-free sanctuary, or miles out to sea. It’s growing alongside the motorway, springing from cracks in the pavement, burrowing in the sand at the beach, fringing urban creeks and flying through the night air. These stories explore the plants, animals and ecosystems that live next door to us.


The weed eaters

Edible plants grow throughout our towns and cities: in verges, margins, berms, parks and empty sections, along driveways, pavements and hedgerows. The trick is knowing what to look for.

Living World

The wilderness next door

Within sight but out of mind of thousands of weekday commuters who thunder along Auckland’s North Western motorway, Motu Manawa/Pollen Island may be the most overlooked of New Zealand’s marine reserves. But among its mangroves, salt marshes and cockle banks thrives a community of modest critters going about their business—an ecological hotspot on the doorstep of the city.

Science & Environment

Citizen science

You don’t need a PhD to find a new species, unearth a rare fungus or name an asteroid. New Zealanders with no specialist training are contributing to scientific research by monitoring streams, spotting rare plants, counting the birds visiting their back gardens, and putting GPS trackers on their cats.