Visiting a threatened Hawaiian ecosystem: ‘Offshore’

Only a select few visit the distant Hawaiian island group, Papahanaumokuakea. It’s a massive but remote conservation area, covering ten islands and almost one million square kilometres of the Pacific.

Nathan and Alana Eagle recorded their visit there for the podcast ‘Offshore’.

And I didn’t just enjoy it for the great bird audio, and the interviews with the dedicated conservation workers when they got there. I loved hearing about all the preparations they had to make before their trip (including freezing a complete set of new clothes!) .

We share some of the episode ‘Our Journey To The Last Wild Place’ from the ‘Offshore’ podcast produced by Jessica Terrell and April Estrellon with field reporters Nathan and Alana Eagle. And that show’s produced by Honolulu Civil Beat, a nonprofit community-supported news organisation.


Visiting a threatened Hawaiian ecosystem: ‘Offshore’
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