Paua Plastic

A scientist at Scion says fruit and vegetable growers and other primary producers are beginning to look at the waste produced in their industries with new eyes.

Dr Florian Graichen is Scion’s science leader for bio-polymers and green chemicals and is part of a team that has successfully incorporated horticultural waste and waste from aquaculture into bio-plastics.

It has made net clips for the wine industry using pomace, spoons for scooping out kiwfruit that include small amounts of kiwifruit skins and ornamental objects with crushed paua shell as an ingredient.

Dr Graichen says when the new products were presented at a recent horticulture conference, people started to ask ” ‘What could I do better.? What could I do that is more environmentally friendly and uses some New Zealand biomass and traditional waste…We don’t use kiwfruit but we have tomato skins. What could we do here? Could you do something similar for us? ‘ “


Paua Plastic
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