Naomi Oreskes- can we trust scientists?

Professor Naomi Oreskes is an American historian of science at Harvard University. She’s particularly interested in how the media cover big scientific issues like nutrition and climate change.

Her 2010 book Merchants of Doubt (co-authored with Erik M. Conway) looked at the scientific ‘debate’ over climate change and the tactics people use to destabilise the scientific consensus (a new edition comes out next year).

In her latest book she asks Why Trust Science? In it she offers a spirited defence of why science matters, and why it should be protected in the face of increasingly politicised attempts to undermine it.

Based on a series of lectures she gave at Princeton University, the book also includes critical responses from scientists, philosophers, and historians who take issue with some of Oreskes’ ideas.

And on Monday she delivers a keynote address at the University of Otago’s Encounters and Exchanges Conference in Blenheim with a talk called ‘What Gets Left Out: How History Has Shaped What We Don’t Know About The Oceans’. 

Naomi Oreskes- can we trust scientists?
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