How should you feel about magpies?

Last week we got an email from a listener called Richard Till.

“I’m unsure”, Richard writes, “of how to feel about magpies.

“Grew up loving the sound of them. Know the Dennis Glover poem. Know the stories about how territorial they are and the hilarity than ensues.

“The last couple of years there’s been an explosion in the population of them on Banks Peninsula.

“At a recent social gathering I was bailed up by a belligerently drunk friend who, apropos of nothing, started telling me I should shoot all bloody magpies. She said they kill other birds in the nest. Bloody terrible birds, she said.

“So how DO we feel about magpies? Cheerful summer songbirds or enemies of the native birdlife? Can you get someone who knows on please? To be clear it’s not because I want to shoot anything.”

Well Richard, it’s your lucky day. Because Rebecca Stirnemann, central North Island manager for Forest & Bird, is here to talk all things magpie.

How should you feel about magpies?
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