Heavy rainfall to continue for the north

The next three months could be wetter than normal for the northern North Island, which has already experienced a few wet seasons, according to NIWA’s latest seasonal climate outlook.

It also showed there is likely to be above-average temperatures for all regions, while there is very little chance of El Niño conditions developing through to March.

There are possibilities of heavy rain fall at times in the next three months, while farmers are already dealing with wetter grounds than usual, a NIWA forecaster Chris Brandolino, said.

Parts of the North Island had already had their yearly rainfall by the end of last month.

“Any rain that falls on top of that is of course just excess and that’s had an impact on soil moisture.

Soils are wetter than normal in most other areas of the country, with drier than normal soil in southern Hawke’s Bay and northern Wairarapa, and down south in Alexandra and Cromwell, Mr Brandolino said.

The north of the North Island, including areas like Coromandel, Waikato, Auckland and Northland regions, as well as parts of Bay of Plenty, could have normal, or higher than normal rain.

“That is because we’re expecting winds more north east, not all the time, but more than usual… and because that part of the country will be first to see a north east wind coming from the sub-tropics, [there will be more] moisture hitting the land, [and] perhaps a higher chance for higher than normal rain fall.”